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The South African Payroll has quickly become an ever-evolving reactionary environment. As soon as we believe we have tackled one payroll complexity another new one surfaces. Over the past 20 months Payroll Departments have had to navigate through the COVID-19, TERS, ETI Tax Relief, Tax Deferral, Additional Tax Reliefs due to Looting and UIF ceiling changes. Each introducing their own set of dynamics.

Payroll Software developers have never been busier navigating the minefields of change. Payroll administrators are constantly gleaning every available resource to ensure payrolls are processed accurately. Every time a “Family Meeting” is called the entire payroll industry hold their breath and grip white-knuckled on their arm rests in anticipation of yet another change.

With the SARS Mid-Year Tax Season edging closer, LSPinc has put together the notes below to assist in guiding you and your business through this busy time.

  • Sage Premier and Classic 5.7a Updates will be released on 6th September 2021.
  • The Mid-Year Reporting period is for Tax, UIF, SDL and ETI utilised values from March 2021 to end August 2021.
  • The Tax, UIF, SDL and ETI utilised values in your Payroll must balance with your submitted EMP201s from SARS eFiling.
  • Failure to balance will need to be investigated. This may result in restating EMP201’s for months that fail to balance.
  • SARS will be ready for Submissions from 13 September 2021.
  • The Filing Season closes on 31 October 2021 at 23:59.
  • Late Submission will have penalties imposed up to 10% of submission values. The penalties will compound for each month after October 2021 until submission is done.
  • No IRP5’s or IT3a’s are given to employees at the Mid-Year submission.

Outsourcing your Payroll to LSPinc means that your business will always be ahead of the game in terms of compatibility with the latest SARS software updates. We are constantly monitoring legislative changes as they apply to the issuing of IRP5’s, Registration Status Amendments and Employee Tax Validation.

We also ensure that employers use the correct SARS data for ETI claims and that they are able to reinstate financial values for the relevant tax period.

If you are considering outsourcing for a seamless and accurate tax submission, contact us by emailing or call us on +27 31 502 1743.