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With 2023 in full swing, we are sure you have set goals for personal and professional improvement.  Professionally it may be learning a new skill, adopting better habits in the workplace, improving communication, finding new challenges, etc, overall, advancing your performance during working hours.

As a Payroll professional, have you considered maximising the efficiency of your Payroll processes?

If your Payroll processes are outdated, it can hinder your HR operations and prevent you from ensuring continued growth for your business. Outdated Payroll processes can be inefficient and time-consuming, making it difficult to work with employees and manage their growth. To help your Payroll processes stay up to date, you need an efficient Payroll system to streamline your HR operations.


Signs that indicate your Payroll is outdated.

  1. Paper-based slips

Paper based payslips require manually distributing sensitive information to employees. Modernised Payroll processes streamline this by automatically sending the employees their payslips plus other information they may want to know.  Sage 300 People, for example, integrates with People Self-Service which allows employees to not only manage their HR administration but can view their historical and current payslips and any related information (travel claims, increase letters, etc) online.

Features of Sage 300 People Core Module


  1. Manual payment

Direct payment from your Payroll software system ensures payment is done at the push of a button, is accurate and available to employees timeously. No more waiting for bank delays only to discover that your employees have been paid incorrectly.


  1. Manually backing up your payroll data

Not only is this time consuming, but it also poses risks when backing up data to your PC, third party cloud or an external hard drive.  With Sage services, all information is automatically backed up to their cloud services and is accessible anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.


Which Payroll system is right for my organisation?

To modernise your payroll processes, it is important to first determine what your specific needs are and then find the best system or platform for those needs. To discuss the best option for your organisation, contact us here.