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The holidays are a time for everyone to take a well-deserved break from the year to rest, recalibrate, celebrate and refresh themselves for the year coming. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important to maintain mental and physical wellbeing and taking time off from work is an essential tool for maintaining this.

From a Human Resources perspective, holidays in particular allow your employees to be more productive, improve retention rates, lower absenteeism, reduce burnout, improve customer service and maintain motivation.

It is recommended that employees go on holiday, so they get the quality time off. Not going on holiday makes disconnecting from their work stresses difficult.

Five benefits to time off for employees.

  1. General Health

Time off gives opportunity for employees to consider healthier choices.  Exercise and eating healthy are often overlooked when in a stressed environment as it doesn’t address the stressful situation directly and requires time and can be inconvenient. While indulging over the holidays are advised, simple activities like going for a walk are beneficial.

  1. Physical rejuvenation.

Physiologically, the disconnection from work gives the body the rest it needs so it can recover.  Time off allows employees to disconnect, unwind and give their bodies a chance to rest, reducing the health risks, like heart disease.

  1. Mental health.

Work introduces stress and exposure to a stressed environment can have detrimental impacts on not only physical health but on mental health negatively impacting on the brains structure, causing anxiety and depression. Taking time off gives the mind opportunity to heal, relieving the stress.

  1. Social connection.

Time off allows employees to spend time with friends and family which maintains healthy and meaningful relationships, improving their work-life balance through social connection increasing happiness overall. We are, after all, social beings.

  1. Increased potential.

Employees who disconnect, refresh their perspective which can improve creativity and motivation in the workplace.

While some businesses are closing for the festive season, giving their employees opportunity to enjoy their time off, others remain open. We hope that employees are given the time they deserve to rest and relax so that they can be creative, productive and most importantly healthy employees.